We want to help you stay safe

We want to help you stay safe

We want to help you stay safe

Feeling suicidal is a very difficult place to be, as it can feel scary and very distressing.

Are you feeling suicidal?

Sometimes life can feel so bad that you don’t want it to go on any more.

Suicidal people don’t necessarily want their life to end – they just want their emotional or physical pain to end.

Suicidal thoughts sometimes start because people feel overwhelmed by their problems or their situation. When we get overwhelmed we can find it hard to see a way out. Our thinking can become very negatively focussed and narrowed down and it becomes difficult to get perspective and find solutions.

Suicidal thoughts are far more common than people realise – we just don’t talk about them – we suffer in silence.

Absolutely anyone might have thoughts of suicide.

People can become suicidal if they have really difficult or upsetting things to deal with or if they have lots of smaller worries that combine to make them feel overwhelmed.

Telling someone how you feel can be embarrassing or frightening. But talking to someone is the first step to getting help, staying safe and developing a sense of hope.

Things you can do

Talk to someone who can understand such as Samaritans

Talk to your GP

Find out how you can keep yourself safe and increase your coping skills here

Take one step at a time

Do something else / distract yourself

Look after yourself – eat and drink healthily

Visit A&E if you are concerned that you can’t keep yourself safe

Dial 999 if you are unable to visit A&E and you have harmed yourself

The Military Community
If you are contemplating taking your own life, don’t worry. Its ok to not feel ok and we have people you can talk to about the problems you are facing. All the people we can put you in touch with understand you, what your service in the military means to you and what your family have had to go through to support you. 

Services available nationally to help and support you.