We want to help you stay safe

We want to help you stay safe

We want to help you stay safe


We want to support you if you are bereaved by suicide or concerned that someone you know may be thinking of suicide. We want to help you find what support is available in the boroughs of Greater Manchester and provide national resources that are available to help.

Feeling suicidal, or bereaved by suicide is a very difficult place to be. It can be very emotional, distressing and traumatic.

Are you feeling suicidal ?

Are you thinking about ending your life, or thought about it in the past?

Are you concerned ?

Are you concerned about someone else wanting to end their life?

Are you bereaved ?

The death of another person by suicide can be traumatic…

Greater Manchester Suicide Bereavement Information Service 

A confidential information service for people bereaved or affected by suicide. The impact of bereavement through suicide is devastating – for family – for friends – for the community. The Suicide Bereavement Information Service has been set up to help answer your questions – whether it is seeking advice on immediate issues that need addressing or making you aware of ongoing support services.

Alternatively you may contact us via email by clicking HERE

Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm
(Excluding bank holidays) 
This confidential service is for people living in:
Bolton – Bury – Manchester – Oldham – Rochdale – Salford – Stockport – Tameside – Trafford – Wigan

Help is available for people Bereaved by Suicide in Greater Manchester.

Rebecca’s Story

Writing a letter to her doctor was Rebecca’s first major step in addressing and communicating her mental health issues.

Owen’s Story

After being discharged from the military Owen suffered from social isolation and suicidal thoughts.

Danny’s Story

At the age of 30 England rugby league player Danny Sculthorpe signed a four-year deal with Super League team Bradford Bulls.

Donna’s Story

“I really believe that the more we have conversations about the more we find the right language. I can remember a time we didn’t talk about cancer and people didn’t go for help.”

Michael’s Story

Michael has battled depression and suicidal thoughts all of his adult life.

Dennis’s Story

“I’m under 50, I’m male, I’m gay, I have type 1 diabetes and I was previously bullied in the workplace,” says Dennis, a survivor of multiple suicide attempts.

Falmai’s Story

“Suicide isn’t the solution to any problem.” That’s the view of Doctor Falmai, from Bury, who has previously had suicidal thoughts.

Caroline’s Story

“I remember waking up feeling lucky to survive.” Caroline, 32 from Wigan, is a survivor of suicide.

Carl Austin-Behan, LGBT Advisor to the Mayor of Manchester June 2019

“It’s so easy to put on a front. We need to get behind the mask.”

Carl Austin-Behan, LGBT Advisor to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, shares his thoughts on why it’s critically important to shine a light on suicide…

This toolkit contains resources for statutory and charity organisations who wish to promote suicide prevention in their localities.

Services available nationally to help and support you.

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